IBM Bluemix IoT Platform

You can be informed about the IBM Bluemix IoT platform and the main cloud system of IBM, called IBM Watson IoT by reading that article.

IBM Bluemix IoT platform is Platform as a Service system that enables you to develop apps in the cloud while using IBM IoT technology. IBM Watson IoT Platform can also be called another cloud-based platform built on this system. Internet of Things technologies developed by IBM provide advanced digital tools for managing, creating, and developing both mobile and web applications.

IBM Cloud IoT: Watson Platform

Bluemix, which you will use when managing a large number of smart devices through the IBM Cloud IoT, IBM Watson platform, makes your different integration operations within the cloud technology possible in the fields of security transactions, data transfers, and more.

Aiming for the best user satisfaction in order to achieve the best results in industrial IoT uses or individual IoT uses, the Bluemix platform also supports many coding languages and services for people who want to develop software.

The most popular coding languages that Bluemix has been providing service since 2013 can be listed as follows: Java, Node.js, .Net, PHP, Go, Ruby on Rails.

IBM Watson IoT Platform: What Does It Do with Bluemix?

IBM Watson IoT Platform is an advanced cloud technology created by IBM, where you can connect, control, and manage the functionality of IoT technology devices. While making management transactions on the Watson platform, you can realize business models, complete data analysis, and manage all your business devices in one place to offer innovative solutions to your customers.

Watson platform, which can be used for vehicles, industrial equipment, urban planning projects, home equipment, and much more, is especially preferred for business solutions. Here’s what the Watson platform can do for business IoT technologies, along with Bluemix:


Here is the general information about what you can do for your business with IBM IoT Tech:

  1. Connect hundreds of different devices to a single cloud system and easily manage your devices with simple mobile applications.
  2. Turn the data streams about your devices into visual results. Use Node-Red to make presentations more easily or take action by understanding data better. This application will enable you to make your data visualization and detailing operations quickly and easily.
  3. Collect real-time data about your devices and the process of your business plan and keep them safe. Millions of data instantly log into the IoT IBM Watson system, all of which are protected by encrypted algorithms.
  4. You can pay for the services you use as extra within the framework of IBM technologies and you can expand your system in proportion to the service you need from IBM Digital Marketplace.


Bluemix IoT: How To Use It in the Watson System?

As a platform developed by the IBM and Cloud Foundry community, Bluemix IoT is known for its contributions to IoT technology. This system, which is defined as the hybrid cloud development platform, enables you to develop and manage new applications in order to manage your IoT devices more easily and get higher efficiency.

Setting up a device with Bluemix provides higher performance in your data receiving operations and the operations your device receives commands to take action.

Let’s examine the most popular IoT solutions provided by IBM and supported by Bluemix together.

IBM IoT Solutions

Here are the most common IBM IoT solutions:

  1. Enterprise Asset Management: Millions of changes related to corporate companies’ data continue to occur every minute. IoT solutions developed by IBM help this data build insights. Thanks to IoT technology supported by an artificial intelligence algorithm, it does not require extra effort to draw meaningful results from data, perform optimization studies, and perform maintenance programs.
  2. Facility Management: With the IBM TRIRIGA service, you get the best results in many areas such as rental management and accounting, facility usage, and workplace control, optimizing the quality of capital projects, increasing the maintenance and efficiency of operations. IBM IoT technology with an insight enhancement system helps minimize unplanned outages or disruptions to your business processes.
  3. System Engineering: This service model offered within the framework of the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management service offers end-to-end software development ecosystems over fully protected and encrypted systems.

Supporting the creation of integrable software and systems, this model provides services in requirements management, agile software development, model-based system engineering, and test management.

  1. IoT Platform: Watson Platform, designed to enable you to manage all your IoT technology devices through a single cloud, analyze data, and create business models, was developed by IBM. Find out what the Watson platform can do using Bluemix. Make integrated mobile and web application solutions possible with Bluemix.

IBM Watson IoT Center: Security of the Place Where All Your Devices Connected

IBM Watson IoT Center is an advanced system that takes maximum measures on security and privacy and can work integrated with devices with different protocols. We know that the team, which works only for the purpose of providing security within the framework of the IBM Cloud project, serves 133 different countries.

In this context, the IBM Cloud App ID system and IBM Cloud Identity Connect system are used by IBM to ensure your company and home security. In addition, other security products that help IBM be certified for security include:

  1. IBM Security Access Manager
  2. IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence
  3. IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager
  4. IBM Security Directory Suite

In addition to the above, you can visit the official website for detailed information about visibility and network security, app security, intelligence products, data security, DevOps products, and additional security services offered under physical security categories.

IBM IoT For Automotive

IBM IoT For Automotive services can record data by using various sensors and telemeter from the vehicles. IoT technology, developed within the framework of cognitive computing, allows you to manage all the tools connected to your business from a single point. It is possible to provide Big Data from all tools, to analyze, manage, and perform additional operations. With this technology,

  1. You can identify risky behaviors of vehicles that deviate from the normal and receive notification about them.
  2. You can get information about road conditions and thus prevent high risks and ensure high work efficiency.
  3. You can get detailed reports about location, speed, or stops within the network you create.
  4. You can contribute to optimization data created on vehicle production by receiving reports on vehicle malfunctions.

IBM IoT Architecture: Building Dreams

Thanks to advanced IBM IoT Architecture, data from devices are transferred to the cloud with a minimum delay period. The data transferred from the cloud to the device also reaches the devices with the minimized delay period. It is possible to get the best performance results thanks to the wide architectural system that utilizes high-performance APIs, supervisory control and data acquisition systems, Operational Technology (OT) protocols, MQ Telemetry Transport technology, Internet Open Trading Protocol (IOTP).

IBM IoT Academy: How Can You Learn The Watson IBM

Serving 17,000 different customers in 124 different countries, IBM IoT Academy provides 59,000-course enrolments. Thanks to IBM’s advanced academy organization, it is possible to take advantage of the following services:

  1. Building bridges between IoT technology and IT decisions to ensure operational efficiency in every decision you make about your company
  2. Developing products produced by IoT technology and creating additional developer applications
  3. To learn how to use the data come from the sensors on the devices to the IoT Watson platform and IBM Bluemix. To obtain important information about detailed data analysis, modeling, and taking action.

IBM IoT Platform: IBM Watson IoT

IBM IoT platform, which can be named as IBM Watson IoT, is distinguished among its competitors by being user friendly and the academy services it provides. To learn about other IoT services, check out other contents we have prepared.


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