Best IoT Devices of 2022

In that article, we have compiled the best IoT devices 2022 for you under the name of the IoT device list.

Let’s have a look at it for detailed information! Today in that article we are going to see the Best IoT Devices of 2022 products, which interact with other devices and share data via internet technology.

IoT Devices List – You Must Definitely Have Them!

Here is an IoT devices list, which is composed of the most preferred products recently, divided into different sectors:

Home Automation IoT Devices

Materials such as lock, temperature temparature sensor, smart cameras, smart plugsystems, smart fire dedector are now engaged inthe wireless technology thanks to advanced home automation IoT devices technology and its applications.

Moreover, IoT technology does not only work on one material, but instead, it works as a sysmtem including all of the different type of smart devices. You can also open and close the curtains in your home remotely, operate your air conditioner half an hour before arriving home, while you are not at home, you can make your smart vacuum cleaner and clean the whole house and make it charge itself.

These devices have both scheduling, recording, making calendars active, and data sharing features. The most popular versions of IoT Home devices, which perform various functions at home, save energy with their smart modes, make safety possible and save time due to remote operation, are as follows:

  1. Amazon Echo Family: A type of Bluetooth-powered speaker.
  2. Brilliant Control: It is a wide control mechanism that you can provide all of the different orders such as opening music, activing lighting, controlling thermostat temperatures and allows you to control many devices at the same time.
  3. Logitech Harmony Elite: It is an advanced smart control system.
  4. Samsung SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug: It is a device that provides multiple plug usage and saves energy.
  5. TP-Link Case Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip HS300: It is a smart plug system.

Greener Environment IoT Devices

There are devices with advanced IoT technology that serves all of the objectives that are beneficial for the earth such as measuring the carbon emissions of different devices used in the environment, decreasing the emission rates, making various warnings about harmful chemicals to the environment, saving water in agricultural activities such as irrigation.

These systems, which are sometimes used in vehicles and operating within the framework of the intelligent fuel consumption system, and often working to save energy in factories, ensuring the most accurate use of electric, heat, etc.

  1. Air Quality Egg: It is possible with this device to measure the air quality in a certain place, to follow how these quality changes periodically.
  2. BigBelly: These garbage bin devices used in the cities send the news to the basic system when the garbage bin is full, thus it enable theattendants to make their duty focusing on the need of doing it.
  3. Invisible Track: It informs the authority about the tree cutting activities carried out without official permission.

Activity Trackers

It is possible with activity tracker IoT devices to maintain your form in a fit life, create your nutrition program, create your daily sports calendar, and follow this calendar. These devices are often used in conjunction with additional devices such as smartwatches or smartphones.

  1. Fitbit Charge 4: An excellent sports tracking device with GPS and Spotify support.
  2. Garmin Vivosmart 4: An advanced tracker with an IoT system that measures heart rhythm and it has a high battery life.
  3. Huawei Band 3 Pro: You can view and analyze all data in detail on your smartphone.

Smart Contact Lenses

Smart contact lenses, which are produced in highly developed versions by Mojo Vision, will help to increase your eyesight with high technology. These lenses, developed by scientists within the framework of improving vision, make it possible to see better and minimize the side effects of the lens.

Thanks to the advanced systems approved by the FDA, these lenses detect each contraction of the eye muscles and transfer the data throughout the eye according to the position of it.

  1. Triggerfish by Sensimed: These are high technology FDA approved smart lenses manufactured by Swiss company Sensimed.
  2. Mojo Smart Contact Lens: Ultra thin lenses that provide the best and smart image information to the user using Microelectronics and a tiny display are produced by Mojo.


IoT devices produced for security purposes can be used both in public areas and in personal life spaces. Moreover, the systems with cameras also allow individuals with a small child to control their child who is alone at home quite easily and quickly.

In general, it is possible to control such devices on the same platform as other devices working with smart home applications. Others may request an extra application download. The most important feature of IoT devices used for security reasons is the recording systems.

Historical records allow you to immediately find out what happened at your home, workplace, or in a particular area on a given date.

  1. Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera: These are cameras used in larger buildings’ outdoor spaces and used in larger areas such as gardens, public areas, and workplaces.
  2. Safe Indoor Camera by TP-Link: These are security cameras that can be managed with voice and touch via applications such as Alexa or Google Home, allowing remote control.
  3. Funlux Wireless Two-Way Audio Home Security Camera: These are high-quality cameras that can work with wifi and have night mode and are used for security purposes.
  4. 360 Wireless Smart Home Security Camera: Thanks to the motion sensor, the smart camera system that operates as soon as it detects motion also saves energy. The system can be controlled by voice.


In the modern world, the area in which electrical energy is used most intensely is the illumination area. The illumination process, unfortunately, causes energy to be wasted most of the time.

For a low-cost lighting system, it is very important to apply different tariffs day and night, to provide target-oriented lighting with the motion sensor, and to manually determine the energy that each lamp in a particular area will spend.

IoT devices serving in the field of lighting are excellent devices to save energy both in places such as banks, conference halls, and working areas and at home. Thanks to these devices, lighting schedules can be processed.

Moreover, advanced sync with music and movie options can be used to reflect your own style and have the right lighting at the right time. In addition, you can redesign your home mode according to your own mode by determining the color and intensity of the illumination at different times of the day.

  1. Wyze Bulb: It is extremely affordable and therefore accessible. It allows you to save energy.
  2. Philips Hue Bulbs: Thanks to its schedule feature and its remote control feature, it increases your comfort in daily life several times. You can switch between power-saving modes much easier and faster.
  3. Lifx Mini: Lifx Mini, which is extremely popular in environment-friendly lighting field, will be the right choice for you, especially if you like to change colors in lighting systems. It can be remotely managed with all of the tools such as IFTTT, Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and the Google Assistant.

The Best of IoT Devices 2019 Has Shaken The Market!

The vast majority of devices which are included in the IoT devices 2021 charts recently entered the bestseller list on many different sites, including In that list, we have talked about the popular IoT devices that made their mark in the industry, especially in 2022. We tried to show examples from different sectors while talking about these devices.

Main Features of A Good IoT Device

If you want to buy a good IoT device, you should consider that device within the framework of the following questions:

  1. Do they have enough quality sensors to perform basic tasks?
  2. Is the remote connection power is high in the device?
  3. Which forms of wireless connection are suitable? For example, is it only WiFi, or both WiFi and Bluetooth?
  4. Which smart applications can be managed through?
  5. Does it have extra benefits such as energy-saving, or what purpose does it mainly serve?
  6. Are the prices affordable compared to other products in the market or is it possible to find more affordable products with the same function?
  7. By which brand was it released?
  8. Are there enough customer reviews about the product aon search engines like Google?
  9. What smart features does it include? Record recording, schedule creation, multiple management panel, record management, auto-delete, or much more?


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